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When we found out that I am pregnant, we knew we wanted to send out little bundle to a home daycare setting. When we met Ellen and saw how caring, nurturing, creative and organized she was, we knew we found the one. Our little bundle was born 7 weeks early and Ellen has been amazing through the whole process. We cannot imagine anyone else caring for our child. She works on his motor weaknesses and carries over what the Therapists suggest. We know when we drop our bundle off, that he is in the best care, he will be exposed to all sorts of fun, creative environments and we know he is having fun. At drop off, our bundle cannot get out of my arms quick enough to get to Ellen's Home Daycare. As working parents, we are at ease knowing that our bundle is in such great care.  Rui and Jessica Sundberg,Acton, MA

Ellen and Jane have done such a fantastic job caring for our daughter. They provide a loving home atmosphere, attentive care, healthy boundaries, and joyful activities that build the children's confidence and understanding of the world.  Our daughter has gained a whole new group of little friends and talks non-stop about her fun days at Ellen's.  Ellen and Jane have so much energy, grace, and patience, and those qualities shine through in the photos Ellen send once a month by email showing the children playing and learning. The children work each week with different themes and projects to learn shapes, colors, letters, and numbers and they often go outside to play in the yard, swing, and exercise.  Ellen and jane have also been helpful and understanding about each of our daughter's stages of development; as she learns to potty-train, for example, they always encourage her to try and communicate her potty needs.  These women are true childcare experts, are mothers themselves, and forge real bonds with their daycare kiddos whom it is clear they love very much.  We are so thankful and feel so lucky to have found this wonderful daycare!  Carrie and Mark Conlon, Acton, MA

My son had been cared for at home for 11 months before he joined Ellen's daycare.  Needless to say how careful I was in my selection of care centers.  After I met Ellen for the first time, my gut feeling reassured me that my son would be well taken of.  Ellen emits such vibrant energy and her passion for kids continues to amaze me.  Its not easy for us parents to trust other people with our defenseless youngsters.  Before I made my decision I need to know who else lived in the house.
Ellen's husband is an ER Nurse just like me and as health care professionals, we are held to a certain standard, which I expected from her husband.  Besides, he works during the day and is not involved in the day-to-day activities of Ellen's daycare.  Her full time assistant, Jane, is loving, compassionate and absolutely loves being around the children. My son has learned so much from colors, animals, the alphabets, shapes to name a few.  My daughter, Lily, is now with Ellen also.  My children loves being at Ellen's.  I would highly recommend Ellen's Home Daycare to anyone who is looking for a safe and nurturing environment for his or her child.  Thank you Ellen and Jane!   Vee and Carl Bernard, Maynard, MA

I am so thankful to have found Ellen's Home Daycare for my 3 month old daughter.  As you know, or will soon find out, bringing your 3 month old to daycare for the first time when you return to work is a difficult transition. I can't emphasize enough how much Ellen helped us through this transition and made it much less difficult and emotional than I imagined.  Whenever we dropped my daughter off or picked her up, the loving, nurturing, and genuine concern both Ellen and Jane have for the kids put us at ease.  Our daughter is always happy, engaged and tired at the end of the day.  She has a smile when we drop her off and a smile when we pick her up.  They made it easy to keep the lines of communication very open and honest which was important during a time that was new for them, myself and my daughter.  Ellen goes above and beyond the 10 hours she spends with all of the children.  She plans activities that are always new, creative and exciting for the kids.  She documents the activities with photos that she shares with the parents.  The loving and caring nature that both Ellen and Jane have for the kids is always evident and comforting. Nicole and Jeff Powers, Harvard, MA

My grandson Andrew has attended Ms. Ellen's Daycare for over a year now.  Having Andrew attend an in-home daycare was a very difficult decision for us but a decision that was one that we have been thankful for ever since.  Ellen provides a caring and safe environment for all of the children in her home.  The daily routine is organized with scheduled activities and plenty of outside time.  Ellen runs her daycare in the most professional manner, she has never taken a sick day and if she schedules an appointment she gives plenty of notice weeks in advance.  Caring for children is definitely her calling.  Ellen is calm, loving, positive, patient and kind in all situations.  She and Jane always greets the children with a big smile at the door and never lets a birthday go by without a celebration.  She is genuinely a nice person, who truly loves all of the children in her care and they love her and Jane! The best reference for Ellen could be that Andrew is always excited to go to her home even on the weekends and is visibly disappointed when he cannot go there.  Picking him up at the end of the day it is often difficult to get him in the car as he doesn't want to leave. Ellen is truly and exceptional person and her home daycare is one that I would recommend without reservation! - Pamela Carney, Littleton, MA

Ellen is more than just a early childhood educator.  She really cares about the children she cares for, and they feel that.  From the moment my daughter started with her, she loved it.  Ellen is extremely creative, ensuring that everyday had a new activity for the children to partake in.  From art projects to outdoor activities, the children were always engaged and having fun while learning,  Aside from the fun, I was always certain that my daughter was well taken care of,  Ellen is very thorough with safety and necessary precautions when it comes to playing outside, bundling the children up on a cold day, or simply playing nice in the home.  Finally, I can not speak enough about Ellen's kindness.  Not only is she kind to the children, she cares about the parents too.  She was SO flexible with my time needs and really tried to work around my work schedule-something that you can't find often!  Ellen has been a blessing to our family!- Jakki Eckmann, Acton, MA

Our daughter Carina has been going to Ellen’s since she was 9 months old. Ellen provides a great playbased learning environment which my daughter has loved. I have now my second child, Connor (4 months old), and he is thriving well at her care. She incorporates both inside and outside play with imaginative and exploratory activities. All of the kids have so much fun together in a great safe environment. Ellen also does a great job sending the parents pictures of the kids playing in fun collages. We feel very fortunate to have found Ellen’s day care for our children Carina and Connor (update: they are now 5 and 3 yrs old) . - Alicia and Ted Larkin Acton, MA

We highly recommend Ellen’s Home Daycare. Upon moving back East, we began our search for a day care for our two year old son. As all parents know, this can be a very emotional and exhausting process. And once you settle on a place, you find yourself crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. I believe we found a real gem in Ellen’s day care. Our son enjoyed all the activities and the intimate, friendly environment. In addition to being cheerful and fun, we found Ellen to be a true child care professional, always introducing interesting learning projects and keeping us abreast of their activities. I always felt good dropping our son off at Ellen’s Home Daycare.  - Chris & Laura Conway, Littleton, MA

We feel so lucky to have found Ellen's Home Daycare! Our oldest son (2 yrs) has been going to Ellen's since he was 9 months old and our youngest (8 mos) has been going to Ellen's since he was just 8 weeks old!  Dropping them off every day is a positive experience for me (because I feel great dropping them off in a safe and loving environment and the boys (because they are excited to see their friends and have so much fun there)! Our favorite part is getting the picture collages from Ellen so we can see what they have been up to over the past few weeks!  They get so much out of the play-based learning methods-plenty of outdoor time, creative sensory activities and learning projects.  Ellen and Jane are great communicators- we get updates at the end of each day and they help us with tips of things to do at home to help the boys adjust to each new learning stage.  - Kristin & Michael Famighette, Acton, MA

Our family loves Ellen and both my three year old son and eight month old daughter are thrilled to go to Ellen's house every day. She provides a warm, safe, fun and loving environment which they are thriving. Ellen has been looking after my children since my daughter was just 10 weeks old. Both of them have lots of fun playing outside, cavorting with their friends and doing all the endless art projects and activities she comes up with. And my three year old son also adores her two middle-school aged sons whom he loves to play with when he gets the chance. Our whole family is very lucky to have found Ellen and look forward to several more years of play time! - Sarah and Owen McBride, Acton,MA

Our son has been going to Ellen's Home Daycare since he turned 3 years old. Ellen was able to build a rapport with him within a week, and he has always been happy to go there. She provides a warm, cozy and loving environment, which is exactly what we were looking for. Ellen does a fantastic job of getting all her children to participate in imaginative and educational play. They also spend plenty of time outdoors. Ellen frequently sends wonderful picture collages to show all the parents what the children have been up to. The best testimonial for her is that If we are anywhere near her house on the weekends, our son will ask to go there and point out the way to her place!  My second child who is 4 months old is  with her now he is well loved, cared and thriving. - NoreenTasneem Zaman/ Sujan Kabir, Acton, MA

Ellen is warm, caring, sweet, and professional. I have three autistic sons that fight over Ellen and are upset when a brother gets to stay with Ellen and not them! Now, my sons only see Ellen rarely and they still talk about her! Because my sons have special needs issues, I am VERY particular about who I leave them with. I trust Ellen. Ellen allowed my sons' therapists into her home. All the therapists loved Ellen and were witness to her daycare for hours at a time. Ellen's husband is a nurse and her two sons are older and very good with little children. The McCullough family is a wonderful package! Heidi Friedman, Acton, MA