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" To provide a quality, loving and nurturing place for young children to grow, to develop, to learn and to explore through play in a fun and safe home environment".

Mission Statement

    "Ellen's Daycare is really the absolute best!  First and foremost, she treats the kids as if they are her own.  My son is now 18 months old but was born 2 months premature and due to his prematurity, he needs Early Intervention services. His therapists come to Ellen's and she is completely accommodating.  My son gets physical therapy and there wasn't a spot for him to hold onto and pull himself up so Ellen put a metal bar in with toys on the wall to help him.  She and her assistant, Jane, who is also amazing, worked hard to help him learn to crawl and now learn to walk.  Most importantly, I know that when he is at daycare, he is engaged and is stimulated with a variety of activities.  Ellen will do all sorts of activities with the kids and then modify them so the young ones can participate.  Every evening you will get a report emailed to you so you know how your child's day was as well as videos or pictures of some of the activities they do.  I wouldn't want our child anywhere else as he is in BEST hands and WE LOVE ELLEN!!!

                                                                     Allison and Keith Hevey, Acton,MA


RATES for 2022-2023

Full /Part Time

Age: 0-24 months

Age: 2-3 yrs. old

Full/Part Time: $105/day

"Researching daycare is one of the most stressful tasks as a first time parent!  When my husband and I found Ellen's Daycare we knew immediately that this would be the best environment for our baby.  Ellen and her assistants Jane are organized and attentive to each child (and parents!) needs and requests.  We also loved the idea of our baby having the opportunity to grow and learn from other older children which would not have been possible at a typical daycare.  she has truly become social and developmentally advanced due to Ellen's Daycare and the environment with the mix of age groups.  The activities that Ellen plans are stimulating, educational, and fun too!  We also loved that she uses an app that we could check throughout the day to know exactly how our daughter was doing in terms of eating, sleeping, and being able to see pictures or fun videos of their activities made me feel much more connected while at work.  Thank you Ellen!  We appreciate all that you and your team does!!"

Fast forward 2021:  My youngest 5 months son is now with Ellen

                                            Rosie and Chris Terella,  Stow, MA
    "If you're looking for a family oriented daycare then you found the perfect one. Ellen provides a warm, nurturing, and inviting atmosphere. Our daughter, now 2 years and three months old, has been going to Ellen's Daycare since she was nine months old. She is always eager to go to Ellen's in the morning. They do all sorts of fun activities that help with their developmental skills. My daughter knows all her colors and it amazes me she can count to fifteen. Jane, Ellen's assistant, is amazing. You and your child will love them."

                                      Holly and Christian Lanciaux, Acton, MA
    "Ellen has the most loving daycare--we were so happy to have had our son there. She and Jane are so warm and thoughtful, we instantly felt comfortable there as they helped our young son make the transition to a new space. He loved the daily activities, music, and sensory and outdoor play, and we were so glad to know he was engaged, making friends, and having fun. Every morning when I woke him up he'd ask if he would be going to "Ellen's house." And in the beginning of our time there, we were especially glad to be able to check in on his daily activities through Baby Connect. I highly recommend Ellen's daycare"                                                                                                                                                                  

                                        Tina and Sean McCarthy, Sudbury, MA

 "We toured a lot of daycares to find the right place for our daughter, Annika, before finding Ellen. After meeting with her, my husband and I immediately knew that we wanted Ellen taking care of our daughter while we are at work. Unfortunately, Ellen did not have opening when we needed one, so we brought Annika to a daycare center for a few months first. At the daycare center, we'd walk in at the end of the day to a depressing room full of crying babies and get a lackluster summary of what she did, which I'm certain was exactly the same for the other six babies in the room. After we switched to Ellen's, we'd arrive to see kids sitting in a circle singing songs or playing nicely together, bigger kids helping smaller kids. I have no idea how Ellen and Jane keep ten children so calm, engaged, attentive, and happy, but their kindness and patience is amazing. She come up with fun, varied activities and I'm so impressed with how much Annika has learned in the past two years. There have been countless times that Annika came home doing or saying something new that we never even considered teaching her. They are also willing to use cloth diapers and are very supportive during potty training. At the end of each day, we get an email with a summary of what Annika did (potty, diapers, eating, napping, etc.) along with pictures and videos of some of their activities. "  
                                                                   Rachel and Matt Fuhrmeister, Acton